Monday, March 06, 2006

GTRC Receives Two New Grants

Thanks to the Julian Price Family Foundation for making a recent donation of $2,000 to support the GTRC's work.

We also just received word that the GTRC has been awarded a North Carolina Humanities Council mini-grant of $1200 to cover a portion of the interactive timelines in the multimedia version of our report. Here is a portion of our grant proposal describing these timelines:

Our primary goal is that through the Commission’s final report, in general, and an interactive timeline, in particular, we will be able to present the facts and information about the context, causes, sequence and consequence of November 3, 1979, so that community members can begin to examine how their own experiences shape their worldviews and how the Greensboro community can learn from this tragedy. As the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the United States, our secondary goal is to empower other communities to examine their own pasts through similar models. In order to accomplish these goals, we plan to create two interactive timelines that will serve to organize copious amounts of information about the historical context of the events of November 3, 1979, and the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation process in a way that will be accessible to Greensboro community members and also to interested parties on a
national and international level. Both timelines will be available on a DVD and also on a website, which will be available to the public at the end of the Commission's mandate (spring 2006).

The first interactive timeline will identify the events surrounding November 3, 1979, (1960s through 1985) that the Commission finds to be immediately relevant to understanding the shootings. Each of these event entries will include ways to access all relevant newspaper articles, radio and television reports, video footage and/or other documentary evidence. With this information, community members will be equipped to have more thoughtful and fact-based conversations about the tragedy of November 3, 1979. Even those community members who disagree with the Commission’s findings and recommendations will be better equipped to discuss the events.

The second interactive timeline will trace the development of the truth and
reconciliation process in Greensboro. This will span from 1999 when community members first discussed the potential of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to 2006 when the Commission’s final report is released to the community. This timeline will primarily be helpful to other communities in the United States and beyond who are considering their own truth and reconciliation processes. Because of the support of volunteers, the entire process has been documented through video quite thoroughly. In addition to the rich video footage of events like the Swearing-In Ceremony and several meetings with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, this timeline would include many newspaper articles, radio and television news stories and other media for documenting this process.

Special thanks to humanities scholars Millicent Brown and Steve Flynn for being consultants in this project. Millicent is a nationally renowned US civil rights historian at NCA&TSU and Steve is a doctoral student in cultural studies at UNCG.

For an updated list of the GTRC's current funding sources, click here.

posted by Jill Williams, exec. dir.


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