Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Remaining Burning Questions

As the Commission finishes up its public hearings and nears the end of its research phase, Commissioners and staff are generating a list of "burning questions" we still need to research through individual statements and documentary research. We invite community members also to share their own remaining questions about the context, causes, sequence, and consequence of the events of November 3, 1979 here. Commissioners and staff will review any questions left in the comments here or emailed here and consider them for our research plan.

If you haven't attended the hearings or need reminders of what was said in them, go here to listen to sound files from all three hearings or look at the transcripts on this site for written documentation of many of the statements.

(Please note that this thread is for sharing questions and I will not be able to answer any research related questions here. Also know that, while the Commission is interested in hearing your questions, we can not guarantee that they will all be answered in the final report.)

posted by Jill Williams, exec. dir.


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