Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rev. Nelson Johnson's Prepared Public Hearing Statement

Please click here to read the entire prepared statement by Rev. Nelson Johnson for the GTRC's second public hearing. The transcript of this statement, including the question and answer section that follows it, will be posted here soon.

The 37 page document is all interesting, but in reference to the recent coverage by the News and Record, readers may be particularly interested in the section on page 19 entitled "Regrets, Self Criticisms, and Apologies." (This is only one of several examples of apologies and acceptances of responsibility issued in these public hearings thus far.)

Rev. Nelson Johnson was born in Littleton, N.C. on the family farm, and is currently the pastor of Faith Community Church. Prior to attending N.C. A&T, he spent four years in the Air Force. He has an extensive history as a visionary and community organizer for racial and economic justice both locally and nationally. Among other roles he serves as executive director of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, as the national chair of Interfaith Worker Justice as a member of the National Policy Review Board for the labor union UNITE-HERE. Wounded on November 3, 1979, Johnson and his wife, Joyce, have two adult daughters and three granddaughters.

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Blogger fritzsmom said...

Hey Mr. Johnson. SHUT UP!! No one wants to hear your racially motivated bullcrap! The ONLY reason you're taking up for Ms. Smalls is because she is black you. You're nothing but an ignorant reverse racist and there is no way on earth I'd step foot into your demonic church. I bet you ain't nothing but a bunch of hate against white people and we're tired of spin doctors like you. You're a disgrace to the pulpit!!

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ fritzmom:
Thats a shame how you dont want anything to do with the Truth & Reconciliation Project but you had to time to write your sorry comment. Obviously your that much worried about it to get on the internet, look up the website, and leave a comment. Your lame, it would do you some good to go get a life. It's ignorant people like you that keeps this country spiraling down. And as far as you speaking about church being demonic, what church exactly do you attend? It couldnt be anything more than a group of closed-minded losers sitting around listening to a preacher preaching about something irrelevant. Technically you cant call anyone being racist because that is exactly what you are being. Me being multiracial, I dont have that option, but I can say one thing. White people has always tried to hold some race down but it never worked. Go take a history class. They will never be better than anyone. If anything they are equal as anyone else. So for you to come out of your mouth and say such a thing shows how STUPID you are ma'am.

10:55 AM  

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