Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Public Hearing #2 Map

Here is a map and more details about the public hearing on Friday and Saturday. It will take place in McNair Hall of NC A&T State University. For a Google Map (which will get you to the area, but not to the exact building) go here.


-Parking will be available on the southwest corner of the intersection of E. Market St. and Dudley St. (in the United House of Prayer/Old Post Office lot).

-You will not be allowed to bring any bags (larger than a purse) into the public hearing space.

Stay tuned Thursday for more details about who the speakers will be.

posted by Jill Williams, Exec. Dir.


Blogger Gabor Kovacs said...

I've just come across this blog. I'm sorry to say that I was previously unaware of the events in Greensboro in November 1979, and as a result I have visited the GTRC website to find out more.

These type of events can happen anywhere, but are of course more shocking in countries like yours and mine.

I'll be back to read more, even if I don't leave comments.

9:18 AM  
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