Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Meeting with Fatna El Bouih

Representatives from the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission had the opportunity this morning to meet with Ms. Fatna El Bouih, who was a political prisoner in Morocco for five years (1977-1982) and is now an Arabic language teacher and human rights activist.

Like Greensboro, Morocco is in the midst of its own process of seeking the truth and working for reconciliation around its own historic tragedies.

When asked what she anticipated would be the Moroccan Justice and Reconciliation Commission's greatest challenge, Bouih speculated that it would be figuring out how to transmit the information the Commission uncovers to the public at large. She was worried about the fact that they would have to rely on the traditional media outlets for this transmission.

When asked about her own greatest challenge in this process, Ms. Bouih said it was trying to maintain some perspective of how her own experiences as a brutally tortured political prisoner might bias her in this search for an accurate understanding of this piece of Moroccan history.

Although the Greensboro Commission will hopefully not find similar challenges in transmitting its information, we can all identify with Ms. Bouih's need to constantly examine how her experiences shape the way she understands the events being investigated.

posted by Jill Williams, Exec. Dir.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my greetings to everyone will read these lines,
A special salutation to our Sister Fatna ,
I am really proud of our dearest sister fatna who i can consider the best symbol of a true , brave moroccan woman due to her soul of protest and defiance despite all the tragedic period she spent in jail...Again I give her a WARM TAHIA NIDALIA from a moroccan woman residing in UAE/ABUDHABI/ RCH

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