Monday, June 20, 2005

Fenwick Foundation Supports GTRC

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission appreciates the financial support it has recently received from the Fenwick Foundation, based in Chapel Hill, NC. The organization's mission statement reads:

"The Fenwick Foundation will primarily, but not exclusively, support projects that focus on the needs of children in the areas of education, human services and the arts...The foundation will also, therefore, endeavor to seek out and work solutions to the root problems that foster those forces that create and perpetuate conditions that contribute to social environments that are hurtful to children and their opportunities to lead happy and successful lives. These forces include gender inequities, racism, social and economic injustice, and violence, both interpersonal and international."

Thanks to the Fenwick Foundation for its grant of $1000 to the Commission.

(Other individuals and organizations interested in supporting the Commission through monetary or in-kind donations can click here.)

Posted by: Jill Williams, Exec. Dir.


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