Friday, June 17, 2005

Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,
We recognize that a significant portion of the dialogue about the Commission's work has been taking place online. Regardless of your perspective on these issues, we appreciate the high level of discourse you are contributing to this process. Like Ed Cone said in the N&R (5/1/05):

"The Web gives us a way to distribute the problem, to break it up among any number of writers and thinkers, to let individuals speak, listen and learn for themselves. . . the Truth and Reconciliation process should be larger and more inclusive than the traditional media and a formal document can make it, and that may be the key to its success."

For these reasons, we want to make the TRC process as accessible to you as possible. Please email us if you'd like to be placed on our media list, which means that you will:

  • Receive press releases that we distribute alerting media representatives of the Commission's events, updates, and progress
  • Be invited to a "Media Credentialing" event prior to the public hearings at which time you will be updated on what to expect in the public hearings and given access to all of the opportunities afforded other media representatives
  • Be informed of opportunities to interiew high profile individuals visiting the GTRC.

Let us know if you are interested in signing onto this list (include email and website) or have any questions or suggestions.

Posted by: Jill Williams, Exec. Dir.


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